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Our Policy

By enrolling in our lessons, you are agreeing to these policies.


Payment & Booking


The course of each driving lesson is 60 minutes (55 minutes practical time and 5 minutes feedback). We require payment at the time of registration.


Cancellation & Rescheduling


To cancel or reschedule a driving lesson or road test session, we require 12 hours notice otherwise you will be charged a $50 (+ HST) rescheduling fee.


Late-Shows & No-shows


You are advised to be punctual for your driving lessons. You should be ready 10-15 minutes before your appointment and ready for when the instructor arrives. If you are within 15 minutes late, you will receive the balance of your scheduled lesson and charged for the full lesson. If you are late beyond 15 minutes, the instructor will leave and you will not be refunded for the lesson. You will be considered as "No Show". There will be no refund  for a "No Show" driving lesson or road test session. A $50 (+ HST) "No Show" fee will also be charged.


A reciprocal waiting time may become necessary if the instructor is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. He will make up any lesson time lost as a result of this at the end of the normal lesson time or as soon as possible.

Online Theory and Virtual In-Class

The online theory takes approximately 20 hours to complete and the student has three months to complete it and successfully pass quizzes. A student who fails to complete the online theory within the prescribed three months will have their account suspended and charged a $35 (+ HST) reactivation fee. The student will be required to start the online theory from scratch.


Upon successful completion of the online theory, the student will be scheduled for a virtual in-class which will be facilitated by a driving instructor. Virtual in-classes are scheduled every other Sunday, from 12PM - 5PM, rotating between French and English virtual classrooms.


Use of Our Vehicle for the Road Test


We only offer our vehicle to the students who have signed up for one of our driving lessons packages and/or a minimum of 5 hours of private lessons. In the interest of students and public safety, we reserve the right to withhold the use of our vehicle for the test if, in our instructor's opinion, a student is not ready for the test.




Please note that there will be no refunds for driving packages and/or private lessons. 


Safety, comfort and well being


Safety is a shared responsibility as identified below:


In the interest of comfort and safety, you are advised to wear suitable footwear and clothing which does not restrict movement or which is inappropriate.


It is important you act responsibly at all times and give your undivided attention to the driving task at hand.


In an emergency situation, it is important you follow our instructions and allow us to take control of the steering wheel if necessary, to avoid an incident. We may also need to make use of the dual control (i.e. brake pedal) and thus override your use of it.


You must take note of any medication you are taking which may affect your ability to drive safely and advise us accordingly before taking any lesson booked. Similarly, you should inform us of anything you feel might impact on your ability to undertake the proposed lesson safely.


In the event it becomes apparent you are unable to concentrate due to illness, tiredness, or your emotional state of mind, we reserve the right to terminate the lesson early.


Driving under the influence


To ensure the safety of you and other road users, we reserve the right to cancel any lesson if you are or if we suspect you are under the influence of medications, drugs and/or alcohol (prescribed or otherwise). If this occurs, the full training fee for the period in question will be lost or charged.


Driver’s Licence


Students must provide a valid New Brunswick Learner's Driver's Licence or Driver's Licence, including foreign driver's licence before the first lesson. Students must carry their licence at all times during training.


Note: All lessons will be individual, one-on-one, unless both the instructor and student agree to additional persons being in the car (i.e. instructor trainee).

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